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What do we expect from you?

We will ask you to bring a healthy cat, with a valid vaccination certificate. Are also required vaccinations against panleukopenia (typhus), rhinotracheitis (coryza), leukemia (FeLV). Validity 2 years.

What are our terms?

For a reservation, we:-receive your details, ie, number (s), telephone and email if possible, know the name (s) cat (s)-have specific dates Input and output of your pet. -Receive a deposit (minimum 50 ) (including KBC : BE73 7360 3207 7560)

These conditions are met, a private cottage will be blocked in the name of your cat for the period requested. Rates are all inclusive of 16 / cat per day schedule. The choice of food you want for your cat will be noted on his arrival. We have an extensive choice of brands as well as dry food in boxes or pouches. As Veterinarians we have even medical foods often recommended by your veterinarian.

Our contractual agreements :

By this agreement, we commit ourselves to shelter and feed your pet in the best conditions.
In case the animal does not appear to be in good health or behavioral problems manifest, we would call a veterinarian immediately guard on site.
The costs would then in all cases at your expense.
The "CHARATON" is under veterinary control, but will primarily uses YOUR VETERINARIAN treating a health problem in the case.
However, if the presence of skin parasites (fleas, lice, ...) was found, treatment would be applied on site, automatically, the owner's expense.
The living spaces are individual. They have all of bowls, scrapers, a litter box. ... Individual.
Winter heating, summer ventilation and continuous background music. These areas are cleaned and disinfected every day, and all materials of "Holiday Centre." The rhythm of day and night is respected. The Centre is under direct supervision or constant video.
Animals MUST be in possession of a vaccination record updated and proving that they are protected against panleukopenia (typhus), rhinotracheitis, leukemia (feline leukemia).
The owner has the opportunity to visit the "Vacation Center" before you make your pet. (Depending on opening hours and appointment)
Reservations: The reservation will be confirmed only after payment of a deposit of minimum 40 Euros (non refundable). Upon confirmation, all days reserved will be recognized, even if the stay is shortened for any reason whatsoever. Arrivals and departures will be by appointment only ..
The days of entry and exit are recorded. An overrun of more than 15 days from the date of departure, without justification, give us the right to sue the owner for abandonment of an animal, place it in a refuge and demand full payment of the pension, supplemented with any investment expenses.
We wish you a pleasant stay in peace.