In CHARATON, "the" Holiday village cherished cat.
  • Going on vacation?
  • You need to travel?
  • Going on a weekend?
  • You are hospitalized?
  • 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months...?*
  • *In CHARATON, "THE" Holiday village cared for Cats.
About Us ?
Veterinarians experienced professional, passionate about cats and their behavior, and who have realized a lifelong dream. The CHARATON is a "Holiday Village for Cats", which meets all health standards, space, and quality of life. The CHARATON is a licensed establishment (N░ HK40231788).

What do we do?
The CHARATON welcomes cats of all ages and races, in good health. If you go away for a trip or any other reason, we can book a private cottage for your cat. There will be pampered, warmed, and fed, almost as if he were at home, waiting to meet you.

How are housed cats?
Each cat has a chalet, tiled and disinfected every day. The dimension of self is more than 3x the legal standards they are nearly 4m ground and have a height of 2 to 2.5 m. Each cabin is equipped with bedding, stainless steel bowls, cushions, ice scraper, cat trees and toys. You may also bring items, pillows and favorite toys for your cat, there is enough space.